Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Fun

Well, 2009 is almost at its end and 2010 is on the horizon. It wasn't a terrible year, although, I do admit it could have been much better. It was filled with car troubles, lost jobs, slow craft shows and slow web sales, but it was also filled with fun, love and laughs from my friends and family (both online and offline).

This brings me to the EtsyBloggers blog carnival question:
Tell us about your plans for ringing in the 2010 New Year!! Staying home/going out? Getting drunk, falling about?

Ha! There shall be no drunkeness in my home this year, although we used to throw quite the party back in the day. Its been a few years now and we are in a smaller apartment, the dog doesn't appreciate overnight guests and its hard to have a rockin' party when your toddler goes to bed at 9 PM.

This year, we'll be spending New Year's eve and day quietly at home. The little man will finally have some quality time with all his new toys from Christmas and hopefully I can get some crocheting done and get some items listed in my totally empty Artfire shop and add some new items to my Etsy shop.

I am hoping for a healthy, happy, quiet and prosperous 2010 for all of my friends and family!

Please don't forget to check out my Ring in the New Year sale, it ends at midnight on January 1. See this blog post for details.

Be sure to visit Joey & Aleethea on Monday, January 4 to see all the other great entries into this blog carnival!

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