Thursday, September 2, 2010

Handmade Shower Favors

One of my best friends is getting married this weekend! YAY!! Her shower was a couple of weeks ago and she asked me to be in charge of the favors. I happily accepted the task and tried to think of something that would be unique and useful. I browsed through the shops of some of my EtsyNJ friends and came across this listing by Dragon's Den. Amanda is awesome to work with and her list of scents is amazing. I knew I needed the soaps to be orange, I just needed to select a scent that matched the color, I finally settled on a scent called summer kisses and ordered 60 soaps plus layered votive candles for game prizes.

Now, my friend asked me to make something for the favors, so what could I made that goes with handmade soaps? Hrm... I know, washcloths!! It took 4 one pound cones of white cotton yarn and about 2 months of nonstop crocheting, but I did it! 60 washcloths, all hand crocheted by yours truly! I have a photo somewhere of the piles of all 60 washcloths, just in case you were curious what that many washcloths looks like. I'll look for it and post it later on.

Here is the photo of the finished product arranged on a table at the shower

And a closeup shot:

(Photos courtesy of Scott Evans Photography)

The favors were a big hit! People were commenting on how they couldn't believe that they were 100% handmade and how they were so pretty and useful. Two thumbs up for Dragon's Den and Made By Melissa!!