Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cute Custom Shirts for Little Boys

How cute is this?!?! My little guy is very much into frogs right now, I think it's jsut because he likes to hop! He would love this custom Hippity the Frog applique tshirt by OhBananas!

OhBananas has lots of shirts for boys, including robots, monsters, dinosaurs and airplanes - all of which would be favorites for my little guy!

Stop by OhBananas and say hello! Tell them that Made By Melissa sent you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Win one of my Plushies!!

One of my fabulous EtsyNJ friends, TraceyKnits, featured me on her blog this week and is offering you a chance to win one of my adorable elephant plushies!

Check out her blog here:

Also, visit Tracey on Twitter at:

Good luck!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Win An Awesome Monster Shirt!

Win an awesome monster shirt from Joey & Aleethea for your little monster! Details here: BTBW giveaway DAY 3

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've been featured at Womenpreneurs

I'm featured at Womenpreneurs!!

How did you get started with your business? Like many other Etsy folks, I started when I was a kid just making things and giving them as gifts and then slowly the hobby took over and I had way more than I could use and gift, so I decided to try and sell some to make up the costs of my supplies. Then I realized that I was a business and my items were worth more than just the supplies and started to take my shop seriously and began blogging and marketing and, Womenpreneurs, Jan 2010

Check out the whole article

Monday, January 18, 2010

Item of the Week - Purple Glass Dangle Earrings

Its Monday again! The weekend goes way too quickly. The weather was a bit warmer on Saturday, so the little guy and the pup were able to run around outside for a little while and get rid of some of that pent up energy! And, now on to the item of the week. This week I am featuring a pair of one of a kind glass beaded dangle earrings.

To be totally honest, I am not sure why these earrings are still hanging around in my shop, I've gotten many compliments on them and the are always admired at craft shows, but alas, I still have them and they have been renewed quite a few times. So, here's your chance to get a great deal on these earring.

Simply put "I love them" in the notes to seller and get $1 off the final sale price - that's 20% off!! Now, that's a huge deal! This deal expires on midnight Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Want It - Bamboo Yarn

The newest item on my wishlist is this fabulous HandSpun HandDyed Single Ply Bamboo Yarn in Summer Neon Taffy by kittygrrlz.

I think it would make some awesome washcloths (that I would totally keep for myself)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Featured EtsyBlogger - Nico Designs

The first featured EtsyBlogger of the new year is Erika of Nico Designs. Erika has some fabulous handbags and accessories in her shop.

My favorite item in her shop right now also happens to be on sale! What's better than an awesome new handmade handbag? One that's on sale, of course!

Stop by Nico Designs and browse around. When you are done there, be sure to check out her blog as well!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Looking ahead...

As I am sure you've noticed, we just started a new year! The EtsyBloggers noticed that too, and this time around they ask the following "Now that 2010 is here, what do you have planned/look forward to/hope to accomplish this year?"

The question can be directed towards the shop, the blog and the personal life. So, I'll address each...

For my shop, my goal is to list something new at least every other day. I have items made that I haven't listed or even photographed and I really would love to keep my shop current. I also have a very empty Artfire shop that I should fill up!

If you've been reading the blog the past two weeks, then you already know about this new feature, if not, then please, read on! Every Monday (or so) I will be selecting a featured item from my shop. There will be a special deal on this item for the entire week (or until someone buys it!). You'll have to read the blog to find out the item, the deal and the code to put in the notes to seller at checkout.

Personal life, these seem to be the hardest. I am currently in a job that will only pay hourly and is not looking to commit to bring me on full time and on a salary basis. So, I really need to look for something that has more stability and benefits. That's my personal goal for 2010 - find a permanent, stable job before I get laid off from my current one!

What do YOU have planned for 2010?


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Matt Pinfield Thinks I'm Cute!

Made By Melissa is now officially supported by the Pinfield Morning Show on 101.9 WRXP in New York! The segment aired at 7:15 AM on Wednesday January 13, 2010. And, for one day only, Made By Melissa is the very first link on the website's supported by section!

(for a larger verson, click here)

Of course, the segment was literally less than a minute long and I almost missed it! My conversation with Mr. Pinfield was much longer than that and he seemed pretty into the fact that everything is handmade by me.

Anyway, if you have a small business in the NY/NJ/CT area, go to the website and shoot them an email! You could be featured too! And then, let me know, so I can listen and hear my fellow handmade folks take over the air waves (even if it is only for 1 minute)!

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Item of the Week - January 12, 2010

Well, here it is week two, and I am already behind on posting the item of the week! Forgive me, as I was a little distracted by my interview with Matt Pinfield from 101.9 WRXP. Anyway, the item of the week is this set of seven make-up remover pads.

Some info on the set:
This set of seven 100% cotton facial scrubbers/make-up remover pads measures just under 4 inches wide.

These are super soft and provide gentle exfoliation. They can be used with any type of soap or facial cleanser. Stop throwing money away on cotton balls! These guys are 100% machine washable and dryer safe.

And for the bonus - just put "seven days a week" in the notes to seller at checkout and I will refund you $1.00 via PayPal, that's 7 face scrubbers for just $4.50 plus shipping!

Make-up revmover pads can be made in any color and number, so please feel free to contact me via Etsy or via Facebook if you'd like a custom order. The same $1.00 discount will apply to all orders for 7 or more pads placed and paid for between now and midnight on Sunday, January 17.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Exciting News for Made By Melissa!!

I just talked to Matt Pinfield!!

Every morning on 101.9 WRXP, the morning show folks (Matt Pinfield and Leslie Fram) feature a local small business. Everyone in the NY/NJ area please listen to 101.9 Wednesday morning between 7:30 and 8:30 to hear yours truly talking about Made by Melissa! For those of you outside of the listening area, I am almost positive that you can listen online at

Mr. Pinfield seemed very interested in my plushies, I better get hookin' and stuffin' and get some more of them in the shop!! My last craft show put a big dent in my inventory.

Here's to an awesome 2010!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Item of the Week - January 4, 2010

Happy New Year to all! For many today is the first work/school day of the new year, and I hope its going well! I try not to make resolutions that I can't keep, but this year, I will feature a single item every Monday, the featured item of the week! I will also include a special gift or discount for my loyal blog readers, each week the item and the special bonus will be different and you will have to come back here to my blog to see the item, the bonus and to get the code to put in the notes to seller at checkout.

The very first featured item is (drum roll please)......

Mi Corazon - Trio of Heart Shaped Washcloths

These are too cute and so much fun to make!! I am having a blast making these in all sorts of colors. Keep your eyes peeled, I have an interesting assortment of Valentine's Day themed colors in stock!

These washcloths are so cool, that I have already gotten a request for 20 of these guys!!

OK, now for the good stuff - the special bonus for my blog readers - purchase this set of heart shaped washcloths between now and midnight on Sunday, January 10 and get a free pair of cotton face scrubbers. Simply put "I heart you" in the notes to seller at checkout and I will automatically include your free gift.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Don't forget, my Ring in the New Year Sale ends at midnight TONIGHT, so get those orders in ASAP! Here's the details from my original blog post a few days ago:
I'd like to ring in the new year with a SALE! From now until Midnight on January 1, 2010, get a FREE GIFT with every purchase from Made By Melissa. And, as an added bonus, get 10% off orders over $10 or more! And, just in case that isn't enough, FREE US SHIPPING on orders over $30 or more! Simply put Happy New Year in the notes to seller to receive your free gift and your discounts!

(10% off and free shipping given as refund via PayPal, or send a convo for a revised invoice or special listing)

Happy and Healthy New Year to all of my awesome friends and family!