Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training!

Hello blog land! Its been quite a while since I posted something here and I feel terrible. Life has really gotten hectic! This weekend we started the wonderful process of hardcore potty training. That's right, after over a year of waiting for him to decide on his own to do it, I put my foot down and got the ball rolling. It wasn't pretty... 7 accidents, lots of threats, I even started taking toys away. We've had some success, but the little man decided that he wants to sit on the potty every ten minutes! Yes, every ten minutes... we went 7 times this morning before I dropped him off at daycare and I say we because he makes me sit in there with him. I'm going to need to get up half an hour earlier tomorrow!

Now, onto some crafty news! Saint Patrick's Day is almost here, so I decided to offer free shipping (US Only) on this cute shamrock necklace from now until midnight on St. Patrick's Day. Order soon to be sure you'll get it in time for the big day!

I'll need the luck of the Irish to get me through potty training!