Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Most Viewed

One of the stats that is public on Etsy listings is views - how many times a listing has been looked at. What does it really mean? If you see an item with a high view count that could mean that it was featured in a treasury, perhaps on the Etsy main page, maybe it was blogged about on a high traffic blog or maybe it was simply relisted over and over again and never purchased.

This tshirt bowl by far has the highest views of any item in my shop. Yes, its been renewed a few times, but, in this case, I believe these tags have something to do with it: "t shirt, cotton, yarn, eco friendly, recycled, repurposed". It is a unique, one of a kind item that I had really hoped would get snapped up right away. Instead, its still hanging around and the longer it stays with me, the more I think about keeping it for myself.

I can think of tons of things that need to be stored in an awesome bowl made from a worn down, yet very clean, t-shirt. Keys, change, cell phones, make-up remover pads, jewelry, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, etc, etc...

What item in your shop has the most views? Are you surprised by it?


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