Friday, December 18, 2009

Gift Ideas for the Little Man

I know we are cutting it close to get presents in time for the BIG day, but I can't help by browse Etsy with my little guy in mind. He may not get these in time for Christmas, but who says you need a holiday to buy a handmade gift for your little boy?

First off, this personalized guitar tote bag from Beachchik Designs. My little guy loves to travel with his cars, sometimes up to 8 of them, and he obviously, can't carry them all. We've tried getting him to use bags in the past, but with his new guitar obsession, I think this bag just might do the trick... plus, it has his name on it!!

Somewhere along the line, the inevitable happened, he discovered dinosaurs. I know, its a boy thing, all boys have to go through the dinosaur obsession. He's not quite obessed just yet, but he is showing interest. He also LOVES to color, he's my little Picasso. Hence, these Upcycled Dinosaur shaped crayons by ivylanedesigns!

Lastly, I think this I Spy Bag by bananabearboutique is adorable, perfect for my guy who I believe will always be obsessed with race cars. He may not be totally ready for it, but when he is, he'll get a big kick out of this one!

So, there you have it, a gift list for the 2.5 year old boy in your life. Guitars, cars, dinosaurs - what more does a little boy need?

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