Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Custom Order that Can't Be Ignored

Another custom order!! Yes, its December 17 and I am taking on a custom order. But, its different, you see, the customer is my 2.5 yr old son. Here's how it came about.

The little guy was playing with his turtle that he adopted from my stash of amigurimi animals that was supposed to go on Etsy and he looked up at me and said "frog?" I of course corrected him - "No bud, that's turtle". He goes "I know, turtle need a frog." The turtle needs a frog? Why? I asked... he said, plain as day, "turtle needs frog to play with. You make frog?" Well, how can I say no to that?!?!

So, off to Ravelry I went to search for a pattern for a frog. I think I have decided on this one by Erika Hughes

I had already planned on making him this snazzy stripes snake from Mr. Funky's Crochet Wonderful book, since he loves the small snake I made him so very much. I haven't decided on the color pattern yet, the book shows him in two shades of blue, while the photo on Ravelry shows him in yellow, red, white, blue and orange. I'll have to sort through my stash and see what looks good.

I make no promises of these being done in time for Christmas, but being that he is already getting sooooooo many toys from sooooo many different people, I am sure he won't mind if they are Happy New Year presents instead!

Happy Hooking!

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