Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's Talk Colors

The EtsyBloggers have asked an interesting question for this Blog Carnival. They ask "What are your favorite color combinations? What do you create using those colors?"

There are lots of colors that I like to work with, so I decided to look through my shop and see what I have the most of. There is a lot of red and a lot of black, but it could be bacause I have many Christmas and Halloween items lingering around in my shop. I also have a lot of blue, blue beaded jewelry, blue winter themed ornaments and blue toys, blankets and scarves. Blue is a fun color to work with because there are so many lovely shades.

This beaded snowflake ornament has royal blue and light blue glass beads:

Blue also compliments a lot of other colors - it can be patriotic, funky and soft.

So, you see, having the blues isn't really a bad thing!


storybeader said...

and different shades of blue, too!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Blue is my favorite, too!

tamdoll said...

I like the blue colors, too. It's funny how I never wear blue - but I have tons of blue yarns to work with in my crafts.