Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet Leon

The newest bunny in the carrot patch is a sweet yellow and white little guy named Leon. He reminds me of a banana cream pie! But, we all know that bunnies don't eat bananas, they eat carrots and veggies and wiggle their cute little noses.

Leon is named after a very strong and powerful man (those who know me well, will likely guess where I came up with the name), but he is a real cutie and loves to snuggle and play bunny games.

Stop by and show some love to Leon, he'll be very pleased to have met you!

Do you know someone who loves snuggly little bunnies but doesn't quite care for the color yellow? No problem!! Simply send me a conversation in Etsy and let me know what colors you would like your bunny to be. Please allow 7-10 days from time of payment for your custom order to be shipped.

1 comment:

Lydia and Kate said...

OMG. Leon is beyond cute! We love him!
xo, Lydia and Kate