Monday, February 8, 2010

Item of the Week - February 8, 2010

Monday again! The weekend brought lots of snow to the northeast US, luckily, the northern parts of New Jersey were spared and we didn't even see any flakes falling from the sky. It was really bizarre because people less than a mile away from me were getting up to 5 inches.

Anyway, the item of the week this week isn't really an item perse, its more of a website. Over the weekend I hit a milestone I never dreamed possible, I have 500 fans on my Facebook page! It's mind boggling! In celebration of that milestone, I am hosting a Facebook Fans only sale which covers the entire shop. If you aren't yet a fan (I mean, how can you not be, I have FIVE HUNDRED FANS), feel free to become a fan and check the page for the details of the sale.

Have a great week!

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