Friday, February 12, 2010

Think About Your Heart

One of the topics for the current EtsyBloggers blog carnival is to discuss heart health month. The American Heart Association has a website called My Life Check which helps you to make the promise to better your heart health. Its well worth checking out, here are the seven simple steps that they outline:
1) Get Active
2) Eat Better
3) Lose Weight
4) Stop Smoking
5) Control Cholesterol
6) Manage Blood Pressure
7) Reduce Blood Sugar

Visit the site to read more details on each of these topics.

While speaking about hearts, this Sunday is Valentine's Day! I sent my little man to daycare this morning with a bag full of Disney Cars Valentines for his classmates, complete with a heart shaped "I LOVE YOU" lollipop. I'm not a fan of giving candy to such young kids, but all of the parents did it last year and I felt guilty not reciprocating (in all honesty, the thought never crossed my mind!). My son doesn't eat candy and has no desire to, so I am not sure what I will do with all the pink and red heart shaped lollipops that he will come home with, but I am sure he will enjoy looking at all the cards. He is already in love with the extras I let him keep!

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Happy Valentine's Day!!

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foxygknits said...

Hi Melissa: Thanks for participating in the Blog Carnival. I LOVE the AHA My Life Check link; I am going to have to review it at greater length.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your crew! XXX