Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wheee!!! More about Meeeee!!!!

Oh yeah! There is more to read about me! Did you think I was kidding when I said there was more coming? *wink*

Check out these awesome EtsyBloggers:
1) Purr Prints -
2) Katie McFarland -
3) UberArt Shop -
4) Linda B’s Blog -
5) NanjoDogz -
6) Scrap Happy Christine -
7) The Fab Miss B -
8) Bare Moose -
9) Imagine MDD -
10) Splendid Little Stars -

Just in case you missed the previous posts, there are more features about me here, here and here. Show some love to the EtsyBloggers! Leave a comment and let them know you stopped by!

PS - Believe it or not, there are still MORE awesome blogs for you to check out. Keep your eyes peeled for more fabulous reading material!

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