Monday, October 19, 2009

I Want It - Fingerless Gloves

The Problem:
My office is majorly chilly, my hands are quite cold while I type away at my desk in my little cube. I would like to keep my hands warm, look stylish and still be able to type without pausing to rub my hands together.

The Solution:
Fingerless Gloves

The Second Problem:
Which pair to buy???

Long Plum Arm Warmers Fingerless Gloves by LazyTcrochet

Extra Long Fingerless Gloves by ShellMitchell

Black Fingerless Gloves by seahorsedesigns

Shavasana- fingerless gloves by Happiknits

Decisions, decisions....

I decided to attempt to make my own pair, and while they came out awesome, I am still contemplating buying a pair of the ones listed here. Stay tuned for photos of my first attempt.


Krystyn/KameKnits said...

all very nice choices :-) I crochet some very simple ones but have been interested in trying to knit a pair - this reminded me of that task!

LazyTcrochet said...

Was surprised to see my gloves here. Thanks : ) Yes, they certain are popular this time of year! Congrats on the featured blogger!