Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things they say....

Oh the things the little ones say! One afternoon I had my little guy "help" me with the laundry. As many of you know, having a 2 yr old help you with anything means that it will take at least twice as long to get done. Anyway, I am folding laundry and he is helping by laying on the floor driving his cars over speed bumps (i.e. my feet). Then this conversation takes place:

Him - Mommy?
Me - What's up?
Him - Dair a runaway truck.
Me - A runaway truck??
Him - Yes
Me - Oh no...
Him - Its OK, Mommy
Me - Its OK? Why?
Him - The horsies are getting it.
Me - The horsies are getting the runaway truck?
Him - Yes, Mommy. Dat what I say.
Me - Well, then, I won't worry.
Him - Good.

Where on earth does a two year old come up with that??

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Kathleen said...

Totally love it! How cute =)