Monday, April 20, 2009

My Dream Space

I need SPACE! My own little space where I can leave my beads, wires, jump rings, clasps and tools out and not waist precious crafting time setting up and cleaning up. You see, I have an almost-2-yr-old who is very curious and very interested in what I am doing. When he sees me photographing finished products he slowly makes his way over and says "oooh, pretty." When I say thank you, he'll ask "Mine?" I'll apologize and tell him that its not his and then he'll look at me with those big deer-in-headlight eyes and say "I touch?". He typically listens when I tell him that he can't touch, but his little fingers get as close as possible to whatever I am taking pictures of and I often have to edit out his hands or his toys from the edges of my photos.

So, my dream is to have a craft room. It doesn't have to be big, it just needs a sturdy table, a comfy chair, lots of shelves and preferrably some good lighting. Oh, and the major necessity - a door that locks from both the inside and the outside and has a high handle that can't be reached by a toddler!

*sigh* We can all dream....

Happy Crafting!

PS - Don't forget about my Earth Day Sale!

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Barbara Lil Dab Designs said...

I love your dream! I also have the same dream.. Hold on to your dreams.Maybe one day they will come true..