Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Spring! After a long snowy winter its a relief to see the temperatures climbing and the sun shining. Of course, for me, it also means the eyes will be itching, the nose will be running and my rescue inhaler will be getting a work-out! Even though my allergies will be in full bloom, spring is still a welcome season. I love it when its warm enough to stroll out in a fleece or light sweater and I really love the fact that my son can play outside again. A 2 year old boy has TONS of energy and my small living room just can't contain him, so being able to play outside really brightens both our days.

Spring always makes me think of flowers, and I do have some sweet flowers in my shop (and they won't make you sneeze!):

Happy Spring!

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Panoptica said...

It's too bad you have allergies!! My dad has those and he suffers a lot during spring. But the warm weather should make things cheerier!!!

Vanessa said...

My rescue inhaler gets a work out too in the Spring. Claritin seems to be working for me this year, I hope it keeps working. My kids are too energetic to keep in the house all day.