Monday, March 16, 2009

Awesome Recycling!

Inspiration tends to hit at the oddest moments. I was unpacking a new remote control car for my son and noticed these little plastic thingamagiggies that sit against the styrofoam with those annoying twist ties that hold every possible edge of the toy down. Now, I understand we want to make it hard for people to reach into the box and pluck out the toy and sneak out of the store, but gosh, have these people ever sat with an excited kid that just wants to play with their new toy?!?

Anyway, I had these three little pieces of plastic sitting on my table and noticed for the first time that they are pretty cool looking. I played around with them and finally decided that they would make an awesome layered pendant and I just happened to have blue and black satin cord in my supply stash. Voila! Recycling at its best!

Be sure to snatch this bad boy up before someone else does because I don't anticipate many new toys coming our way until my son's birthday in May!

Happy Shopping!

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Bhuvan Chand said...

Nice Article. Keep it up.