Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Wish List

There is something for everyone on Etsy! I love to browse and often find myself hearting things that I totally want and also things that my loved ones would like. I currently have the perfect gift for my husband, my almost 2 year old son and as always for me.

My husband loves TV and movies and has many favorites, but Star Wars ranks very high on his list and this Boba Fett Tshirt by avazava would surely put a smile on his face!

My son's newest obsession is coloring. The boy could sit with crayons and scrap paper for hours drawing pictures. He started off just scrawling and scribbling all over the place, but now I noticed that he is trying to make small shapes. I am quite impressed and very proud of my little guy, and I know for a fact that he would love this Take-A-Long ART FOLIO by whimseys.

I LOVE sprinkles - I like them on ice cream, cookies, cupcakes and whatever else you could think of putting sprinkles on. I've been eyeing up a lot of the things in stoopidgerl's shop for quite some time now and I think this Sprinkles in a Bottle Resin Necklace is my favorite.

And there you have it! My family's Etsy wish list! Take a peek on, I'll bet you'll find something for everyone in your family!

Happy Shopping!

PS - Don't forget about the Spring Fever Sale - 20% off purchase of $10 or more. Details here and here.

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