Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lovin' the craft!

As you can tell, I love making things and I love what I make. Sometimes though, I love what I make a little too much and I can't bear to part with it. I've kept quite a few things over the years, but most recently, I've kept two things.

I made this blanket while I was home on bed rest right before my son was born. I made this in less than 4 weeks using yarn completely from my stash. I couldn't give it up for two reasons. The first being because I love it, the colors are so totally me - browns and blues. And secondly because it kept me sane while I was home alone every day for a month. I wasn't totally alone, I had my pup with me, but she doesn't have the energy to keep me entertained all day long, I mean, a dog needs her sleep!

Its not the best picture in the world, and does the blanket no justice whatsoever, but cut me some slack! I took the picture the day before I was admitted to the hospital to be induced. And it was the most physical activity I did since I was threatened by everyone I know to "take it easy".

The most recent thing I have decided to keep for myself is a simple white and blue cotton washcloth. I made a round cloth with some leftover white yarn from a custom order and added a border with some of the blue ombre yarn (I have tons of it!). I've been trying to duplicate it and for some reason I can't. I count stitches and use the same hook, same weight cotton yarn. Nothing... it comes out terrible. So, I am keeping the one that came out simply fabulous and hoping that one day I can duplicate it, if for no other reason, than I want another one!!

Have no fear! There is plenty in my shop that I have decided not to keep for myself!

Happy Crafting and Happy Shopping!


storybeader said...

You probably have a tie to the blanket with your newborn, too. His blanket! I love the idea of the washclothes.

And welcome to the Etsybloggers Carnival -I like reading the posts as they are put up on people's blogs - not so much to read at one time {:-Deb

The Wildfire: Gifts and Decor said...

Thanks for participating! Good luck on the washcloths... though there's nothing wrong with having a one of a kind. :)
Beautiful blanket and great post!

korynh said...

That blanket looks so comfy!