Monday, June 23, 2008

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS, yup, just got one! I know, I know, I'm a little late on getting it, but I got a cute pink one used at GameStop. I saw a commercial for the new Brain Age game. You know, my brain is tired! I forget lots of things. My brain needs exercise! But, I don't have a DS, nope, not me, all I have is a GameBoy Advance with lots of games that I am very tired of. I could only play for a short time before getting a headache from that teeny little screen.

On Friday I casually asked my hubby if he still used my GBA. He said "Nope, why?" I suggested trading it and all the games in and pondered if we'd get enough cash back to get me a Nintendo DS. He thought it was a great idea, reminded me that we still had $32 credit from when we brought back Game Cube, all its games and accessories and some other random PS2 games that had been long beaten. We just had one tiny problem - where was the GBA charger????

Needless to say, we found the charger and a few other PS2 games that hadn't been looked at in a while and packed up and headed to GameStop. Long story short, they had a cute pink used Nintendo DS and used Brain Age (the first one, of course). We had enough credit that all I had to pay for was the game. Woo-hoo!!

On Saturday night, my brain was an embarrassing 73 years old. Today, Monday, my brain is a slightly less embarrassing 41 years old. Now that's what I call progress!!

I now want to get Mahjong Quest (which I saw used) and Tetris (my all time FAVORITE game). So, pretty please go buy something from my shop??? Don't forget, I'm still having a sale!!

PS - I find it absolutey hilarious that Nintendo DS comes with a health and safety precaution booklet! Apparently, all Nintendo systems do... HA!

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