Thursday, May 8, 2008

New! Made By Melissa has Vintage Jewelry!

Yes, you read it right, Made By Melissa now has vintage jewelry. Its only for a limited time as once my stash runs out, its gone forever (or until another female relative passes on her jewelry box). This jewelry is an assortment from my husband's grandmother Adeline and his great aunt Margo. There are some classic pieces from Margo's world travels and some simple and trendy necklaces and clip on earrings from Adeline's colorful collection.

These two pieces were snapped up less than 12 hours after I listed them!
Lovely black and gold multi-strand choker:

Golden Eqyptian Pendant:

This nifty wood and rope necklace is still available:

Keep checking back at my shop, I still have a lovely turquoise and pearl pendant, a gold ladybug watch necklace, some funky chunky totally 80's necklaces and enough clip on earrings to make your head spin!

Like vintage but jewelry isn't quite your thing? Well, how about vintage baseball cards? They are perfect for scrapbooking, altered art, collages and all your paper art projects!

In fact, these cards even made an appearance with my vintage crochet hook for the One Object, 365 Days Challenge!

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