Saturday, May 10, 2008

My First Ever Mother's Day Present!

This week was rough. Dean was sick, I was sick, hubby was sick - we basically had enough! I picked up the little guy from day care Thursday after work and there was an extra little bag hanging on his hook. And I don't mean the bag holding a bib full of spit-up or clothes that suffered a diaper blow-out... His teacher says "That's for you, its a Mother's Day gift. Oh, its fragile" She also explains to me that he made it while he was half asleep. See, it involved paint and hand prints and there is no way my Dean would cooperate with that!! I couldn't wait to see it! And since Dean was asleep, I opened it right then and there (yeah, I am bad with gifts). Here's what it is:

I know its hard to read, its the best picture I can get, so here's what it says:

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints on the walls.

But every day I'm growing -
I'll be grown some day
And all those tine hand prints
Will surely fade away.

So here's a little hand prints
Just so can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small.


Awww, its brings a tear to my eye!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!


Anonymous said...

That's really sweet, something to keep forver.

Annabelle said...

Ohhhh. Sniff, sniff. So cute!