Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Been Tagged!

I've been tagged! Time to share some personal information about me on here. Thanks to Get Carried Away for the tag!

1) I have an extensive sock collection - so many socks that they don't fit all in one dresser drawer.

2) Speaking of socks - I can NOT sleep with socks on, I can't fall asleep until I take them off. It doesn't matter how cold it is, I can't sleep with them on. Most nights I even kick my feet out of the blankets.

3) I adopted a puppy 6 months ago that looks almost identical to the dog I had growing up - a black lab/hound dog mix. We fell in love instantly, its almost like she is the reincarnation of my childhood companion!

4) My husband got me into baseball when we first started dating, now I watch it more than he does! He'll only watch Yankee games, but I'll watch any team play.

5) My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 10 years old. I never got the hang of it although I tried for years. Then a family friend taught me to crochet and now its one of my favorite pastimes.

6) There is a good chance that my son will be born on my father's 60th birthday! My due date is June 11 and his birthday is June 9.

7) I have a weird fear of nail salons. I can't go alone. Although a few weeks ago, I did take myself to get a pedicure! Maybe I am getting over it!

I know I am supposed to tag people now, but it seems as though everyone I would tag has already been tagged! *sigh*

OK, now go to my shop! :-D
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Amber said...

Tha last part made me laugh..."now go to my shop" LOL

I am the same way with socks and sleeping. Before I met Joe I always slept with them. He always thought it was weird. So, one night I went without them and I haven't worn them to bed since!