Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Pat on the Back!

The EtsyBloggers have an interesting question for this biweekly blog carnival. They ask the following:
What was your most successful sales event or product, and why do you think it was?

Hands down, my most successful sales event was my Earth Day sale from earlier this year. I offered free shipping on all eco-friendly items - washcloths, make-up remover pads, dishcloths and upcycled jewelry.

During that period, I sold several sets of white make-up remover pads. I'm not sure why white was so popular, but I really should get my butt to the store and get more white cotton yarn!!

I think the sale was popular for two reasons:
1) My washcloths/make-up pads/dishcloths are very reasonably priced, and in some cases, by offering free shipping, I cut the total price almost in half.

2) Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to eliminate waste, save money and keep their families healthy. My washcloths and make-up remover pads are machine washable and last a very, very long time (I am tempted to say that they will last forever, but I can't be 100% sure of that) and the dishcloths replace stinky sponges that can hold mold and bacteria. All of them are pretty and give the sense of luxury while still being good for the environment and helping to save money.

I was surprised at how well the sale went, up until that point, I had little success with sales. Will this be an annual event?? You'll have to keep reading my blog to find out! ;-)


Laurie said...

Yes, you're meeting a need. Nice products and I'm so glad they're doing well for you!

Jan said...

Love your makeup remover pads....great idea! Glad that earth day was such a success for you.

storybeader said...

sounds great! It's true, everyone is cutting back, and that means recycling too. YEA!

Splendid Little Stars said...

That's really cool! You have a great product!