Monday, November 2, 2009

For My Grandma

My grandmother loved the fact that I am crafty and not only found a way to keep up with crafting while working my full time job and caring for my family but also managed to keep open an online shop and vend at multiple craft shows every year. My grandmother passed away early this year and as her birthday approaches, I think of things that I know she would love.

I always remember my grandmother wearing pearls, multiple strands of classic pearls. This necklace by Capital City Crafts would have been a perfect fit in her jewelry box!

I can picture these Gold Metal Dragonfly Magnets by merritthyde adorning her refigerator!

Brown and leopard print were two of her favorite colors, she would have loved this hobo tote bag from amarie.

I always remember my grandma being chilly, she would have a scarf or a shawl with her most of the time to ward off the shivers. This Bohemian Knit Shawl by Happiknits would have been the perfect accessory to keep her warm.

Happy birthday, Grandma! The heavens are rockin' today as you party with Grandpa and the rest of our family.

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