Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recycled Silk Scarf

I was surfing the net a while back looking to find some interesting new yarns to play around with. I was mostly looking for some organic cotton and bamboo (hopefully cheaper than it is in the craft stores), and instead I came across a fabulous yarn shop called Darn Good Yarn. The recycled silk yarn was quite intriguing and the shop owner is just sweet as pie. After much debate, I ordered me up some recycled silk, hemp and banana fiber yarns.

When the yarn arrived, it was thicker than I had anticipated, which I was very happy about, I love working with chunky yarns and big hooks. Being that it was silk, I expected it to be soft, its not, I was bummed, but the yarn itself is so cool, that I wasn't bummed for long. It was so much fun to work with, the colors changing and the thick and thin nature of the yarn. Here's my first finished project - a breezy and lightweight scarf.

I also had some time to work with the hemp yarn, so stay tuned for details on that!

Happy Shopping!


agoodwitchtoo said...

I love all the colors!

Made by Melissa said...

The colors are really what sold me on it. If you check out the website, there are now other shades so you can select what color pattern you'd like.