Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hemp Dish Scrubber

As you all know, I recently stumbled upon a yarn shop with some different and fun yarns called Darn Good Yarn. I made a great scarf from their recycled silk yarn and I also played with their hemp yarn.

I pictured the hemp yarn as a dish scrubber before I even got it, I just assumed it would be sturdy enough to really scrub out that stuck on gunk. And, I was right! I was surprised by how thin it was, so I had to go all the way down to an E hook, which for me, is pretty small. Here's a picture of the finished product:

I've been thinking of making coasters with this yarn as well and bordering each one with a different color of equally thin yarn - perhaps sock weight or even embroidery floss.

As I mentioned before, I also have the white recycled banana silk yarn waiting to be used as well. I just visited the website and now they have it in some really cool colors! This yarn is really chunky, so I can't wait to play with it, I think it will make a fabulous scarf.

PS - as a follow-up to the previous post on the recycled silk yarn, I talked to the Darn Good Yarn folks about the softness factor and found out this: "let the silk settle and break in... it gets really soft..." See? I was just too impatient!

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