Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who's Clues? Blue's Clues!

My little guy simply LOVES Blue's Clues. He has the song memorized and often starts doing the entire routine. He does it at home, at daycare, at the grocery store, in parking lots and I think he may even sing the song in his sleep. And he strongly prefers Steve over Joe, although he'll deal with it and still watch if Joe is on. This afternoon's showing of Blue's Clues made me decide to take a peek on Etsy and see what handmade Blue puppy items are out there. There's some great stuff!!

I would love to make one of these for my little guy, he'd love it! Blue from Blue's Clues - 8 inches amigurumi doll crohet pattern by siemprejosefina

I always wanted to be a clue! A Clue Blue Pawprint Pin by suzisfly

This sweet pillow would make bedtime a lot more fun! And its personalized! Blues Clues Personalized Cuddly Pillow by SewWhaat

These cookies are too cute for words! It almost breaks your heart to eat them. I am sure my son would just kiss it! Blue's Clues Cookies -- Party Favors by dayltfades

Last but not least, because even grown-ups like Blue's Clues! Blues Clues Pendant by EmotionalOasis

I'm off to play Blue's Clues - because its a really great game. Yeah!


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Emo said...

Awww! Thanks for finding my pendant on the mass market know as Etsy- lol!