Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wearable Stone

Yesterday I showed you my fancy schmancy crystal bracelets and today I decided to show you some totally different bracelets. These two bracelets were both made with stones. Yes, stones, like rocks, only not the rocks my two year old plays with at the park - smooth, polished stones.

The first of the stone bracelets is actually rather dainty and is surprisingly light considering its made of little rocks! The smooth pillow shaped beads have swirls of peach and slate gray, each one being a little bit different than the ones next to it. They are accented with little round black stone beads and secures with a magnetic clasp.

The second stone bracelet is chunky and fun! Its made with big ole green mossy colored stone beads that are accented with teeny tiny silver plated seed beads. This one was made on elastic stretchy cord and has no clasp, mostly because all of my clasps are so small and looked really silly next to the beads.

Happy Shopping!