Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Blog Carnival! Ho-ho-ho!

Ho-ho-ho! Its almost Christmas! I can't believe how time flies! The EtsyBloggers have two very good Christmasy questions for this month's blog carnival.

1. Christmas traditions & recipes - Share Christmas traditions or your favorite holiday recipe.
2. Christmas spotlight - Show & tell of a Christmas item in your shop or your favorite gift idea in someone else's shop.

I can't decide which theme to go with, so I think I will have to address both of them.

Christmas traditions: When I was growing up, my family ALWAYS went to the children's mass on Christmas eve. We'd have antipasto before we went and then my parents would cook dinner when we got home. Well, my sister and I would be FAMISHED!! In order to pass the time while they were cooking, I would read my sister The Polar Express. We would sit on the couch in the living room with facing the Christmas tree with just enough lights on so that we could see the book without dimming out the tree. Then after reading it a few times, I'd go to the record player (yes, that's right, record player) and put on the Sesame Street Christmas Album. We'd lay under the tree and sing along until dinner was ready. Then right before bedtime, we'd get to open our Christmas pajamas.

Christmas Spotlight: I made two dozen pairs of these adorable jingle bell earrings last year. I sold about half of them last year and this year they were a big hit at my craft shows. This is the only pair I have left:

For now, they are in my shop, not sure if they will stay there, I might decide to keep them for myself!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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storybeader said...

now, I never knew about the Polar Express. Must have been a great book - love the movie!