Thursday, November 11, 2010

Treasury Fun!

Its holiday shopping time! That means fun gift guide treasuries! My favorite person to shop for is my 3.5 yr old little man. Knowing what a little boy wants is very easy - but finding it among the dresses, flowers, hair bows, baby dolls and endless sea of pink can be quite challenging!

My little guy has been asking me to make him another turtle and a snake for quite some time now, so I better get hopping on it!

Of course, I will likely give it to him as soon as its done, since he loves to watch me make toys. Maybe I'll pick up a few things from my Gift Guide for Little Men treasury to save for Christmas morning!

I've also been included in two great treasuries
A gorgeous Pink & Black treasury by BBlonski Designs featuring my hot pink make-up remover pads

And a fun treasury featuring other great EtsyNJ artists by KIRWEN1004 which includes my adorable Mandy the Octopus!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

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