Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!

This EtsyBloggers blog carnival is hosted by me!! Woo-hoo, my first time hosting!! I picked some great topics (at least I think so). Here they are:
1) Spring time is almost here, do you have any special items in your shop to celebrate the season?
2) March is National Nutrition Month, National Irish American Heritage Month & National Women's History Month (among others) - Share a story, a craft or an interesting tidbit about these topics.

Obviously, I can easily blog about either of these topics, but, I think I will talk about spring. After a cold and snowy winter, I am very relieved that spring time is here! The pup can run around outside, the little man can play basketball again and my allergies will take over my nose and sinuses!

Spring also brings BASEBALL!!! No more searching for something to watch anymore, I will be watching BASEBALL!! Yankees are my first choice, followed by the Mets (gotta support the local teams), followed by whatever team is on ESPN or ESPN2. The little man is also very excited for baseball, I hope my hubby is ready to spend hours playing catch and tossing pitches!

Check back here next week to see all the blog carnival participants!!

Hooray for Spring!!


Lydia and Kate said...

Spring! Spring! Sunshine... I needed it so badly because I swear I was two weeks away from developing rickets. Love your stuff! Want it all!
xo, Lydia

Happy Hound Creative said...

Yay Spring!!! My Tulips are sprouting!!