Monday, October 27, 2008

I love handmade!

I didn't realize how many handmade items I use everyday until recently. I get up every morning and use some nifty crocheted cotton face pads made by yours truly! After I get dtressed, I accessorize with a bracelet I made myself that has the birthstones of myself, my son and my hubby and I put on the super cool star earrings I bought from Capital City Crafts. I take care of my dry skin with some tasty vanilla bean hand lotion from Lollibomb and protect my lips from getting chapped with some equally tasty coconut lemongrass lip balm from You Stink Soap.

Then I grab the tote bag I got from Bugga Love aka ALaine Designs this past Christmas and I pack my son's bag for daycare, next I grab my totally awesome hooker tote bag from Trashed Clothing and pack my lunch.

Once everything is packed and everyone is dressed, I rummage through my bag from Tracy Joy and look for my car keys which are attached to a fabulous wristlet keychain from PurpleLicious.

I finally then scoop up my son and walk to the car. His sweet little neck and cheeks are protected from the stiff car seat straps by blue fleece protective covers from Handcrafted Baby Accessories by Georganne (bummer! I see that she's closed her shop! How sad!) and since its been so cold latey, I toss the blanket on his lap that I made for him when I was just barely pregnant.

And that sums up all the handmade items I use on a daily basis. Have you taken the handmade pledge yet??

Happy Shopping!

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alexlady said...

that's a great rundown!! i keep reminding my friends and family about the handmade pledge. there's SO MUCH out there that's amazing, there's really no reason not to ( i mean, unless you really want an ipod or something, i guess. :))