Thursday, October 9, 2008

EtsyBlogger Featured Member - BFBeads

As I am sure you are aware by now, every month a different team member from the EtsyBloggers street team is selected to be the featured member and their prize is that we all blog about them! How totally cool is that? Anyway, October's featured blogger is Jen from BFBeads (that's baby friendly, by the way) and Mama's Magic Studio.

Jen has some really awesome baby friendly jewelry. And believe me, its hard to wear jewelry when you have a curious little one tugging at you with the fear of those pudgy little hands snapping your necklace and tiny beads going flying everywhere! Oy! What a disaster! Well, thanks to Jen, not only can you wear stylish and pretty jewelry, but you can let your little one tug on it all they want (so long as they aren't hurting you) without fear of it breaking. Take a look at some of these stunning necklaces:

So, check her out! Oh, and by the way, Jen featured me on her blog last October!

Happy Shopping!

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