Thursday, April 8, 2010

Everybody loves a lady bug!

At some point in my life, I became aware of the fact that ladybugs were good luck. I'm not sure who told me or why, but from that point on, I decided that ladybugs weren't as creepy and gross and scary as other bugs. I suppose I convinced myself that they weren't "real bugs". At any rate, I made a super cute ladybug plush and he's been hanging around my shop for quite some time now (yes, I wrote "he" not all ladybugs are girls, you know!).

Larry isn't the only ladybug themed item that was created in the Garden State, there are many very awesome ladybug creations from the EtsyNJ street team. Take a look:

Little Ladybug...Boutique Hair Clippie by: TreasureBoxJewelry

Love Bug Birthday Invitations - Set of 10 by: BBDesigns

LadyBug LadyBug Tote by: beachchik

Ladybug Love Card by: AJKArtistry

Love those lucky ladybugs!
Happy Shopping!

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A.Kooney said...

Thanks for including my card! Cute post!