Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Baby Blankets and Twinkies

Yes, you read that right, baby blankets and Twinkies.... not that they really have all that much in common, but I ran into both of them this morning.

I sold this awesome creamsicle cloud baby blanket at some point last night, but have no fear, I have plenty of the yarn left, so I can make you a similar one, just send me a convo!

I have other baby blankets in stock and I have a few more just waiting to be listed. So, keep those eyes peeled!!

Right, so now for the Twinkie thing... I stroll into the office kitchen to make another cup of lemon herbal tea and I see a whole box of Twinkies just sitting on the table in there. And I think, "Wow, Twinkies! Its been like forever since I had one of those!" So, I took one, went back to my desk, ate it and almost instantly regretted it. I now remember exactly why its been so long since I had one. *Sigh*

Happy Shopping!

PS - Today is my three year wedding anniversary! Wow, talk about how time flies!

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