Monday, October 1, 2007

New at Made by Melissa - Bottle Cap Magnets!

What happens when a crafty girl has a beer loving family??? You get bottle cap magnets!! That's right, I nagged my entire family (even the in-laws) to save their bottle caps for yours truly and created some ultra nifty bottle cap magnets for you to decorate your frig with! What a fun way to up-cycle!

For those who prefer Guiness, I have these:

Perhaps you like Michelob:

Rolling Rock is a favorite in my hubby's family:

Then there is this set of Coors and Sierra Nevada:

And finally, here is a set for the designated driver in your group:

Keep checking here for more magnets!!

Happy Shopping!!

PS - Check out the EtsyNJ Blog!!


Ali said...

Very cute! I really like bottlecap magents myself!

Here's to some sales!!

Melanie said...

Thanks for entering my contest!!! I absolutely can make infant sized. How old is your little one?

Donna said...

You've been tagged! Check my latest blog entry to see what that means and what you have to do now!